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3D Spatial Perception
at the Edge

Full technology stack for deeply embedded AI perception in unstructured and harsh environments

Go from idea to proof-of-concept to production, faster and with less program risk

Automated and autonomous equipment manufacturers and component suppliers simplify and de-risk the challenges of deploying perception on the edge.

Implementing perception on the edge typically requires much lower-power, smaller-size and lower-cost embedded processors and hardware than initial research stage AI developments, which often run on workstations or high-performance NVIDIA Jetson development systems. By contrast, edge implementations often cannot rely on a low-latency network and must work reliably in harsh and unstructured environments yet must deliver high accuracy and real-time perception performance to build end-customer trust.

Au-Zone perception processing technology and tool suite helps you rapidly develop reliable and trusted AI perception applications on the edge in harsh environments.

Choose the Au-Zone technologies you need:  

  • AI perception reference models and data sets for camera and radar data

  • AI-assisted tools to store and manage data, prepare and annotate data sets, and train AI models

  • Sensor fusion framework (camera, radar, lidar, ultrasonic, GPS) and AI perception inference engine designed for high-performance on resource-constrained embedded processors and systems-on-a-chip (SoCs).

  • Industrial-grade hardware reference design modules pre-optimized for reliability, performance and cost for use at every stage of development: data collection, in-field testing, and production

  • Design services 

Differentiate your AI product performance and features through your proprietary data sets, while building on field-proven, configurable, scalable AI perception technology. 

AI Spacial Perception Technology Stack diagram


Why Au-Zone

Business Plan

Technology Leadership

Smarter devices. Less development risk. Greater product value. Expert technical support.

Get these benefits by working with Au-Zone Technologies. With more than a decade of experience helping our customers with their embedded AI spatial perception solutions, we deliver technology to support your 3D perception application and help you to quickly and confidently go from idea to concept to production.

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How We Help

We combine our AI spatial perception technology stack with our embedded AI computer vision expertise to help you solve your biggest design challenges and meet the rigorous requirements of embedded smart systems. Whether you need to a sensor fusion engine, reference AI models, model optimization tools, or rugged hardware for an embedded AI perception pipeline, we have you covered.

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How You Succeed

Our industrialized production-ready solutions and AI vision and radar fusion starter kits help you minimize development risks, reduce hardware costs, and speed development of your proof of concept and market-ready product.

Our solutions are optimized for the NXPs eIQ Toolkit and application processors, including the i.MX8 Applications Processor (Arm Cortex-A, GPU, and NPU) and the i.MX RT Crossover MCU product families (Arm Cortex-M7). They can be used with other embedded AI processors.


AI spatial perception middleware for your embedded AI vision and radar-vision fusion applications

Founded in 2001 as a pioneer in the embedded design and computer vision industry, Au-Zone has become a trusted provider of embedded AI and machine learning (ML) software, hardware and reference designs for 3D spatial perception in unstructured and harsh environments.

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