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Deep View Enterprise

DVE provides a complete set of tools for perception based Machine Learning model development and edge deployment .
+ Dataset Curation and Refinement​
+ Model development and Verification​
+ SAAS model​
+ No code​ deployment

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EdgeFirst Perception Applications

Reference Implementations for many common spatial perception applications provide the necessary building blocks to help you get your problem solved quickly and robustly. Common use cases such as pedestrian detection and tracking, object detection and localisation, plant phenotyping provide the necessary building blocks.

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EdgeFirst Sensor Fusion Engine

Radar + Vision Sensor Fusion Engine for unparalleled embedded performance.

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EdgeFirst AI Models

Industry leading AI models for common applications such as detection, segmentation, pose, depth etc

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EdgeFirst SDK's and Porting Kits

Software Development Kits and Porting guides for common embedded processors, AI accelerators and platforms

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EdgeFirst Hardware Platforms

Purpose built, ready to use spatial perception hardware platforms. Use them to gather real world data, accelerate POC development, enable low volume trials, and accelerate product development across the finish line and into production.

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