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[Press Release] Au-Zone and MicroEJ Bring AI Closer to Home with Containerization at the Edge

Company to showcase the ease of integration and deployment of tiny machine learning for intelligence-driven edge devices at CES 2023

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada – December 6, 2022Au-Zone Technologies, a leader in edge AI Middleware, and MicroEJ, the leading provider of software containers for IoT and embedded devices, announce their partnership to accelerate AI adoption at the edge. The collaboration empowers manufacturers to bring cloud-native capabilities to AI at the edge as well as to

  • Accelerate the development, integration and deployment of new AI assets at the edge

  • Take advantage of proven AI models for specific vision applications like object or person detection

  • Reduce risks and costs that previously limited machine learning adoption at the edge

While AI tools and models for edge devices have been in place for a while, the complexity of integrating them into existing applications limited adoption. Challenges such as merging existing code with machine learning code, sharing computing resources, and updating neural networks live without interrupting operation prevented widespread adoption of AI at the edge.

Partnership lowers barriers to AI adoption

In bringing their technologies together, MicroEJ and Au-Zone solve these problems. Au-Zone’s DeepViewTM engine and toolkit provide developers with a seamless and intuitive graphical development environment to design, train, and deploy optimized neural networks for the edge. MicroEJ completes Au-Zone expertise by providing lightweight, flexible app containers that enable AI deployment on any MCU or application processor, while minimizing power, compute and memory needs.

As Brad Scott, CEO of Au-Zones Technologies observes, “The cost savings, improved security, and faster speed of our joint solution is a game changer. We unlock the final roadblocks preventing mass adoption of AI for edge applications, such as vision processing, predictive maintenance, and anomaly detection.” Partnership enhances Edge AI acceleration

In addition, the richness of this joint integration measurably cuts development time and enables manufacturers to create and support applications once deployed. By containerizing neural networks into portable AI applications, manufacturers can easily integrate, deploy, and update their AI assets without disrupting device’s lifecycle. It makes it possible to manage Edge AI as plug-and-play applications—a technology breakthrough that scales and accelerates edge AI innovation on any device.

Fred Rivard, CEO of MicroEJ, confirms, “I am excited by the partnership with Au-Zone and the intelligence it brings to the billions of devices we use daily. Containerized AI applications are lightweight and easily ported. Our customers gain increased agility that speeds deployment and ongoing customer support. Together, our solution boosts productivity, efficiency, and innovation.” MicroEJ will demo an AI edge device application at 2023 CES Unveiled on Tuesday, January 3, or at the MicroEJ CES Booth #52339 in the Venetian Expo from January 5-8. Contact us for a preview or to know more about MicroEJ and Au-Zone’s partnership to integrate AI into the edge.

To find out more about Au-Zone's DeepView AI Middleware and Vision Applications - Click Here

About Au-Zone Technologies

Au-Zone Technologies is a leading provider of development tools, engineering design services, and enabling IP used for the design of intelligent embedded vision products and solutions. By utilizing our development tools and through our engineering consulting engagements and turnkey product development services, we help our client's lower development costs, mitigate program risk and shorten time to revenue when designing new vision enabled products.

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About MicroEJ

MicroEJ is a software vendor of cost-driven solutions for embedded and IoT devices. We focus on providing device manufacturers with secure products in markets where software applications require high performance, compact size, energy efficiency, and cost-effective development.

Today more than 120+ companies in the world, with currently over 100 million products sold, have already chosen MicroEJ to design electronic product applications in a large variety of industries, including smart home, wearables, healthcare, industrial automation, retail, telecommunications, smart city, building automation, transportation, etc.

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